Curriculum Vitae


University of Victoria| Victoria, BC | September 2020 – Present MSc Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology

University of British Columbia| Vancouver, BC | May 2016 BSc Biology with Distinction and Marine Specialization


Stephenson Exploration Advancement Grant | The Explorers Club | May 2022

This is a highly competitive international grant for marine researchers under 35 years old. The Philip Stephenson Foundation promotes marine exploration, protection and conservation projects. (USD 10,000)

Mitacs Accelerate Grant | Mitacs | March 2022 – May 2023

The Mitacs accelerate fellowship provides graduate student support in partnership with the Blue Futures Program of the Students on Ice Foundation (CAD 45, 000)

Bob Wright Graduate Award| University of Victoria | November 2021 Awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (CAD 12,500)

Commander Peter Chance MASC Fellowship| University of Victoria| November 2021 Awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (CAD 8,500)

Graduate Award| University of Victoria| July 2021 Awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (CAD 7,000)

Graduate Fellowship| University of Victoria| July 2020 Awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (CAD 10,000)

Graduate Entrance Scholarship| University of Victoria| July 2020 Awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (CAD 5,000)

2019 North American Rolex Scholar | Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society® | April 2019 – April 2020 I was given one of three scholarships awarded globally each year to travel the world and work with diving professionals and marine scientists to broaden my perspective regarding the potential careers in diving that could integrate my well-rounded scientific background and desire to preserve coastal and marine eco-systems (USD 25,000)

Employment Experience

Teaching Assistant |Department of Biochemistry|University of Victoria| September 2020 – Current Moderated online lectures and marked exams for BIOC 300 General Biochemistry and BIOC 299 Intro to Biochemistry. Provided hands on guidance in BIOC 301 Biochemistry Labs.

Research Technician/ Scientific Diver |Hakai Institute|Central Coast, BC| May 2017-April 2019 I performed field research activities both subtidally using SCUBA and terrestrially to investigate the nearshore coastal ecosystem of BC. My position including boat driving, invertebrate/vertebrate/algal diversity surveys, abundance and growth surveys. Other duties included molecular genomic lab techniques, and lab processing for other ecological analyses.

Research Assistant/Divemaster | The Maru Research Center |Kande, Nkhata Bay Region, Malawi| January 2017-May 2017 I performed SCUBA surveys to monitor biodiversity and reproductive behavior of Malawian cichlids. Measured catch abundance and diversity of local fisheries, and logged and analysed data.  I also ran the dive shop operations – dive guiding, retail, boat driving.

Aquarist/Interpreter | Ucluelet Aquarium |Ucluelet, BC | May 2016-September 2016 My duties included animal care, maintaining habitats, and organism collection using free diving and SCUBA. I developed public education programs, and interpreted for and interacted with the public.

Research Assistant | Adams Lab | University of British Columbia | Vancouver, BC | September 2015-May 2016 My duties included seed cleaning and plant care, as well as molecular techniques like DNA extraction and microsatellite analysis for the purpose of examining allele diversity in Paw- Paw for commercial production purposes

Volunteer Experience

Founder/Steering Committee Lead | ECOPs Canada | June 2021 – Current Found the Canadian chapter of the UN Ocean Decade Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs) Programme. Work with a team of likeminded ocean individuals to facilitate a national network of ECOPs.

Social Media Manager| Our World Underwater Scholarship Society | June 2020 – Current Work with a team of other ex OWUSS scholars/interns to cooperatively curate the OWUSS instagram feed in order to communicate with future candidates

Scientific Diver | Universidad Mayor De Santiago |Greenwich Island, Anarctica| Februrary – March 2019

Scientific Diver | Oceanwise Vancouver Aquarium | Cambridge Bay, Nunavut| August 2019

Scientific Diver | Harley Lab | University of British Columbia| September  – December 2015

Scientific Diver |Bamfield Marine Sciences Center| June – July 2015

Assisted dive teams with organism collection, quadrat and transect surveys, and abundance measurements

Research Assistant | @Lab |La Paz, Mexico| September 2019 Assisted with the creation of a reference library of DNA Barcodes for cryptic fish in the Gulf of California. Used molecular techniques to extract, amplify and sequence genes of interest.

Field Assistant | Communidad y Biodiversidad |La Paz, Mexico| September 2019 Joined an interdisciplinary expedition to the fishing cooperatives on the Vizcaino Peninsula to collect and download abiotic data from a subtidal sensor array.

Research Assistant | Arctic Research Foundation |Cambridge Bay, Nunavut| August 2019 Joined a research cruise for the Kitikmeot Sea Science Study in the Central Arctic Ocean; Helped with oceanographic sampling and identification of benthic fauna

Algaculture Technician | Kande Spirulina |Kande, Nkhata Bay Region, Malawi| January 2017-May 2017 Cultured strains of Arthospira platensis in a laboratory for eventual transplant into outdoor production vats. The project aimed to provide local communities with a sustainable source of protein.

Student Ambassador for Bamfield Marine Sciences Center | University of British Columbia |September 2015 – May 2016. I worked with a team of fellow Bamfield alumni to coordinate student outreach and organize information sessions to promote the benefits of field based learning. Provided guidance and mentoring to prospective students.

Aquatic Ecosystems Research Lab Volunteer | University of British Columbia | October 2013 – February 2015 I performed fish dissection and measurements of otoliths and gonads. Used a bomb calorimeter to seasonally quantify caloric value of different fish species.